Sunday, January 6, 2013

Raster to Vector Services - Who Can Benefit from These Offers?

A wide range of businesses like auto graphic makers, T-shirt logo designers, plaque makers, lithographers, banner designers, emblem and badge workers and even engravers need raster to vector services.

Let us begin with the importance of raster to vector services to understand why it can be beneficial in the long run. If you have a company that largely depends on logos and branding for identification among the crowded cyberspace then you are reading in the right place. The logo is the most identifiable part of the company. It needs to be designed keeping in mind the needs, vision and mission of the company. A logo should not look like a school badge! Hence the entire visualization of the graphic, its picture, execution and display on the website is important. The area where the logo is used is vast. Right from the website to marketing tool kits to brochures, visiting cards and sponsorship materials. The logo should make a powerful statement when it is embossed, engraved or printed. This means that the foundation of the logo needs to be solid. A vector graphic gives it. Nothing is more solid than this valuable technique. It transcends all mediums and remains evergreen in any format.

To create a master graphic a vector format is essential. This can then be formatted in any other way. An editor always will create the graphic manually even if the software supports the automatic methods. Most professionals who work in photo processing firms edit images that are scanned and uploaded for the job. Sometimes the scanned images are from printed material and not photos. Hence they need to undergo the process of re-vectorization. The scanned material often has blurry edges or distorted elements in the image. The transient pixels add to the distortion of the image. When printed material is scanned it often reflects on the color separation done during printing. Around the far out edges several false pixels are created.  Depending on the color combinations one part of the edge may have more yellow another may have darker cyan shade. The main work here is to level the colors so that they blend for the reusable purpose for which they have come for the edit. Custom colors, seeking the right resolution and re-framing are a part of the raster to vector services. A gray scale may be required if the colored options do not work. Several-scanned image have the problem of salt and pepper noise in the image. The editor needs to take of these issues as well.

The vector output can be made better in images that are needed for drawings and sketches. Many blueprints of buildings and other real estate images come for vectorization services. Blending option is quite in use for making the uniform scales. Many Jpeg images get blurry when they are uploaded for edits. It is a matter of compression algorithm. Thus for some Bitmap images PNG is the best format. And only an advanced editor who does this service on a daily basis for many customers can identify this issue. Some service providers have a wide range of customers across industries like T-shirt logo designers, plaque makers, lithographers, banner designers, emblem and badge workers who need raster to vector images.

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