Sunday, June 17, 2012

Renovate Images from Bitmap to Vector Format

Crisp images tell a good story. This is because they are traced back to the right path of construction. This can be done with an auto tracing software also. And professional editors doing daily photo editing often do it.

The magic of a clean image often lies in its scalable form. This happens when an image is transformed from bitmap to vector. Just like an embroider uses tracing material to draw out the basics and prepare a crisp tapestry, that is exactly what a professional editor does when he gets an image to be drawn to its finale. Sharp and cutting edge images break the blurs and presents clear-cut visuals.   The vectorization of bitmap images display better and are soothing to the naked eye. Most raster images of logos, products and several e-services undergo this process. Raster images are basically bitmap or in form of pixels in the square grid. It is a basic 2D format that needs an upgrade. When converted they represent an illusion of the real thing online. Logos used on websites, online studio professionals for this result often edit products sold on e-stores. Artworks of logos are the commonest that reach the editing table.